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Wellness Products We Provide

Tranquiliti Wellness Center also provides wellness services that help strengthen the mind, body and spirituality. As owner and certified wellness coordinator, Anne wants to help her clients be well-rounded and balanced. Retreats are offered monthly in conjunction to offering life coaching for anyone needing help with attaining their goals whether in their personal or professional lives.

Services now offered :

  • Life Style and Wellness Coaching
  • Massage and Reflexology
  • Reiki and Energy Balancing

1 Hour Massage with Half Hour Energy Balancing – $125

Massage License : MM26254
Massage Services Offered:

  • Chair massage- 15 min——————–$15.00
  • 60 min Swedish/30 min Reiki———–$125.00
  • Mini Reflexology ——————————-$55.00
  • Mini Energy Balancing ————————-$55.00
  • Mini Facial ——————————————-$55.00
  • Accupuncture ————————————$95
  • Energy Balancing ——————————$85
  • Life and Wellness Coaching ————–$85
  • Intuitive Energy Session ——————$99
  • Massage ———————————————$90

An Experience to Remember
For an experience to remember, share a relaxing therapeutic ‘couples massage’ experience with the one you love at Tranquiliti Wellness.

Choose from a 60 minute or a 90 minute couples massage where you and your partner are massaged simultaneously by two experienced therapists. The couples massage experience is the perfect daytime activity before your romantic evening out together, but also works well just as an opportunity to experience some relaxing quality time together.

At Tranquiliti Wellness, we offer a setting comfortable for men, woman and couples, where the emphasis is on restoring balance to the body mind and spirit!

The couples massage operates daily, subject to availability and gift certificates are available for all occasions. Great for birthdays and celebrations!

Contact Anne at 407-448-0244 for details

Anne McDonough is a:

  • Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Life and Wellness Coach

Anne McDonough has been involved in wellness for most of her life. As a little girl growing up in a very challenging family environment, she learned to rely on God and the Archangels for support. Even though she was often afraid, she knew that she was always divinely protected. At the age of nine, she began seeing angels in her bedroom which provided great comfort and support. As she grew older, she often felt their presence through many difficult situations in her life. She graduated college with a Business degree, got married and started a family of her own. Twenty years later, after having been through several auto accidents and a difficult divorce, she again turned to God and the Archangels for guidance. She started her road to recovery with daily spiritual walks and prayer outside in nature. She began each day at sunrise, her spiritual walks always started with gratitude to God, and lots of physical activity. These walks allowed her to regain her strength physically, mentally and spiritually.During this year and a half time period, she began building her own wellness business – focusing primarily on the physical. Realizing this was not the complete plan God had chosen for her to follow, she started studying scripture and self-help books. She knew she wanted to help others who had gone through similar challenges in their lives.

She then understood that the key to becoming healthy is to be strong in all three aspects of their lives – mind, body and spirituality. The most important part of these three is to have a daily personal relationship with God. Today, Anne works with and has truly become passionate for helping others overcome their limitations as she did, due to emotional trauma, weight gain, lack of confidence, injuries and divorce. Her goal is to teach people how to look and feel good about themselves from the inside out. Anne believes strongly that the key to becoming healthy is to be strong in all three aspects of their lives – mind, body, and spirituality. The most important part of these three is to have a daily personal relationship with God through meditation and prayer. Anne also holds certifications in wellness such as; meditation, stress management and breathing techniques, yoga and pilates. She is a inspirational speaker and an intuitive energy practioner and teacher. She teaches healing retreats, energy basics 101, and meditation retreats. Currently, she also offers intuitive life-coaching on the phone, in person, or via Skype.

Her goal is to help reach as many people and let them know that they are never alone and there is always hope no matter what the situation. Her work is primarily with children, families, and groups in a customized setting with focus on their individualized needs and requests. Anne enjoys helping others achieve their goals. Come on in to Tranquiliti and embark on your new life journey. You can do it too!! Carpe diem!

Lauren Kaplan

I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004.

Over the years I have enhanced my skills and knowledge through multiple trainings and while working in various local spas, including The Canyon Ranch Spa Club (now The Relache Spa) at The Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee.

Although I offer treatments in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Reiki, I believe Reflexology of the feet to be a highly effective therapy for relieving stress and pain, and enhancing relaxation and emotional balance.

Foot Reflexology is the ancient healing art of touch where precise pressure is applied to specific reflex points or areas on the feet which correspond to their related organs or parts of the body. Tender Reflexology points need the most work as the tenderness is a sign that residue of daily impurities has settled in the specific zone/s instead of being eliminated entirely from the body. These impurities can obstruct the easy flow of energy to the various parts of the body. As the entire body is accessed via the feet, firm but gentle pressure “breaks up” the impurities, resulting in increased blood flow and lymph circulation, vital for healing and well-being.

As part of the 60-minute Reflexology treatment, I also use essential oils which can relax, invigorate, warm, heal or soothe – according to your needs. In addition, Reiki naturally flows through my touch, further enhancing the wonderful effects of your Reflexology session.

“Treat your soles and your soul will give thanks”.
Lic: MA# 42521 Member FSMTA
Insured by American Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Jeanne Boland, MA, LMHC has extensive experience working in the clinical field and in the school environment. She has been licensed for 22 years. Her experience
includes helping clients with various topics, such as, couples and marriage counseling, children and adolescent issues, depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship/family
concerns and self-esteem improvement. Jeanne provides a safe, empathetic and confidential environment free of judgment where clients are invited to openly discuss their concerns and
learn more about themselves.

Practice Specialities:
· Academic Underachievement
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Career Counseling
· Parenting
· Divorce/Dissolution
· Spirituality
· Women’s Issues
· Coping Skills
· Life Transitions
· Crisis/Trauma
· Geriatric Issues