Anne Scharer has been involved in wellness for most of her life. As a little girl growing up in a very challenging family environment, she learned to rely on God and the Archangels for support. Even though she was often afraid, she knew that she was always divinely protected. At the age of nine, she began seeing angels in her bedroom which provided great comfort and support.  As she grew older, she often felt their presence through many difficult situations in her life. She graduated college with a Business degree, got married and started a family of her own.

Twenty years later, after having been through several auto accidents and a difficult divorce,  she again turned to God and the Archangels for guidance. She started her road to recovery with daily spiritual walks and prayer outside in nature. She began each day at sunrise, her spiritual walks always started with gratitude to God, and lots of physical activity. These walks allowed her to regain her strength physically, mentally and spiritually.

During this year and a half time period,  she began building her own wellness business – focusing primarily on the physical. Realizing this was not the complete plan God had chosen for her to follow, she started studying scripture and self-help books. She knew she wanted to help others who had gone through similar challenges in their lives.

She then understood that the key to becoming healthy is to be strong in all three aspects of their lives – mind, body and spirituality. The most important part of these three is to have a daily personal relationship with God.